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Artificial Intelligence in Legal Research

Blue Hill Research, an independent research and advisory service for the enterprise technology market, conducted a full benchmark analysis of ROSS which details the power of our technology and the impact it can have on legal research.


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What You Need to Know

The growing availability and practicality of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing within the legal sector has created a new class of tools that assist legal analysis within activities like legal research, discovery and document review, and contract review. Often, the promised value of these tools is significant, while lingering cultural reluctance and skepticism within the legal profession can lead to hyperbolic reactions to so-called “robot lawyers,” both positive and negative. What is often lacking is evidence-based assessments of the impact of the growing market of AI-enabled legal tools on both the successful practice and business operations of legal organizations.

This Benchmark Report summarizes the observations made in a study conducted by Blue Hill with a research panel of 16 legal researchers. This study compares the impact of traditional legal research tools, such as boolean search and natural language search, with use cases of the ROSS Intelligence AI-supported legal research platform to supplement these traditional tools.

Key areas of comparison contained in this report include:

  1. Quality of information retrieval
  2. User feedback with respect to ease of use
  3. Confidence in the results retrieved among the use cases studied
  4. Impact on the time required for users to complete research activities
  5. Ultimate business value and return on investment (ROI)

"ROSS has already proven to be a return on investment as a notable time saver and revenue generator at the firm. I do most of the federal work at our firm and ROSS saves me and my paralegals time to focus on other items such as our marketing efforts and allows me to take more cases on.”


Mitchell Nowack

Partner, Nowack & Olson

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