The New ROSS Intelligence Website Makes Trying ROSS Easier Than Ever.

ROSS Intelligence
June 5, 2019

Here at ROSS HQ we’re always looking for ways to improve your research experience by efficiently delivering the winning authority that your opposing counsel is missing. Mostly that means improving our core natural language processing and machine learning technologies to make ROSS even more comprehensive, accurate and easier to use. We also spend a lot of time refining our existing features and testing new features, always focused on making your advocacy more effective. Our goal is to help you on every step of the trip from the first phone call with your client about a new matter to the call celebrating a big win.

We also help lawyers succeed by making it easier and more affordable to access ROSS. That’s why we recently overhauled our website. We’ve updated the look of the site. We’ve also revised the copy to explain more clearly and succinctly how the features of the ROSS platform help you add value to your client relationships. The new website offers all the details about our simple no-commitment $125 monthly pricing.

You’ll also notice that new users can now access our 14 day free trial without entering credit card information. After talking to lawyers who’ve already adopted ROSS during the trial, we realized that the world’s best legal research tool speaks for itself. We’re so confident that you’ll immediately see the value of ROSS to your practice that we’ve made the trial sign-up completely seamless.

If you’re already a ROSS customer, take a look at the new website before you start your research. We bet you’ll learn something you didn’t know about all the things ROSS can do to help your practice. If you’re new to ROSS there has never been a better time to try the best artificial intelligence tool for lawyers.

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ROSS Intelligence

ROSS is an advanced legal research tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to make the research process more efficient.