Even Solos and Small Firms Save Big on Legal Research with ROSS Group Discounts

ROSS Intelligence
September 17, 2019

We believe it's unfair that solo practitioners and small firms can’t get group discounts on their legal research subscriptions like big firms do. Today that changes.

We’re excited to announce our new Group Discount program. Solo and small firm practices can now earn significant group discounts by inviting colleagues and contacts (from within or outside their firm) to join their discount group. 

When you become a paid ROSS subscriber, you can earn group discounts by inviting your colleagues and contacts to join you on the platform.  

The process is simple. Go to the Group Discount page in ROSS and enter a colleague’s name and email address to invite her to sign up for a free ROSS trial. When she becomes a paid subscriber, you will both receive a 10% discount each time ROSS bills you individually.

The 10% discount will apply to the first two members of your group who become paid subscribers.


When the fifth member of your group becomes a paid subscriber, all members of the group will begin to receive a 15% discount. When the tenth member of the group becomes a paid subscriber, everyone in the group will receive a 25% discount. 

Anyone in your group can invite someone to join. So the larger the group, the more quickly you can obtain the maximum discount. You can even invite colleagues and contacts who are already ROSS subscribers to join your group and count them toward your group’s discount. 

ROSS does not share user information among group members except for members’ names and email addresses.

After hearing from an abundance of customers that they wanted an easy way to invite their peers to use ROSS, and their frustrations about not qualifying for group discounts on other research platforms, we are proud to announce Group Discounts.

For answers to commonly asked questions, check out the Group Discount FAQ page. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions. Terms and conditions apply.

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