Meet ROSS' new Coworker, EVA

Andrew Arruda
January 29, 2018

ROSS Intelligence releases new cutting-edge AI, completely for free.

Today I’m extremely proud to announce the launch of EVA, our second standalone AI release at ROSS Intelligence.

EVA is a function and byproduct of the incredible work that our engineering team continues to do on the core ROSS platform.

ROSS Intelligence, like many companies in Silicon Valley and the AI hub of Toronto, Canada, encourages our engineers and AI researchers to spend part of each week on tasks they pursue on their own initiative. This not only allows us to recruit and retain world-class talent, it also leads to exciting and unexpected breakthroughs, and EVA is a collection of these breakthroughs that our engineers wanted to spin off in order to both increase affordable access to justice and to give back to the larger legal technology community. We’ve already received great attention for how we’re streamlining the private practice of law (see this recent Wired article, where our AI development was featured alongside Google’s), and now we can’t wait to aid lawyer’s country-wide and in every practice area.

I heard from attending and speaking at events like Legaltech Week that lawyers were tired of the hype behind AI and wanted concrete examples of AI in practice — which was a challenge I’ll admit I gladly encouraged our engineers to take on! It’s because of this new desire to see concrete and widely available applications for AI in law that I think we’ll look back on the release of EVA as the beginning of a sea change in legaltech. As the leader of AI in the legal space, we’re honored to have this opportunity to open up a tech vertical that has been closed off for so long.

While it makes me incredibly proud to know that EVA is an AI system which will directly impact the process of law and that it will be available for free (just click here to sign up), what I am most excited for is the fact that like with our core ROSS offering, EVA will continue to learn and improve over time. This is only possible because we are able to work with the best organizations and engineers in legal technology. So, what will this look like for the future of ROSS Intelligence?

In the short term, this has already started to take shape in the form of things like our partnership with the University of Toronto to open our AI research lab (where the president of the University of Toronto and the mayor of Toronto cut the ribbon a few months back), our work with the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, with AI pioneers such as Randy Goebel joining the ROSS advisory board, with legal innovators like Dean Rodriguez of Northwestern Law joining our team, our continued work with great law schools such as Duke and Vanderbilt, and the recent hiring of a Head of Engineering with decades of experience in machine learning and growing out engineering teams — more on this soon in a separate blog post!

In the longer term, it will mean further and deeper partnership with world-class AI research institutions and government initiatives, as well as continuing to recruit the best engineers in the AI space. As a matter of fact, there are a few big artificial intelligence announcements ROSS Intelligence has yet to make which we will be announcing in the next few months that will continue to exemplify the world-class team we have brought together and our position as the leader in cutting-edge legal technology.

So, in summation, while I’m excited about EVA (and you should be too!), what’s really exciting for us here at ROSS Intelligence is what the future holds. We’ve been able to do so much in just two and a half years, and we can’t wait to see everything we’ll have accomplished in 2 and a half more! One thing is for sure, we will continue to build game-changing technology with the latest advances in artificial intelligence built in for the legal market – we can’t wait!

All the best,

Andrew Arruda

Andrew Arruda

CEO & Co-Founder of ROSS Intelligence. International speaker on the subjects of AI, legal technology, & entrepreneurship and has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, BBC, Wired, Bloomberg, Fortune, Inc., Forbes, TechCrunch, the Washington Post, and the Financial Times.