ROSS Announces New Decision Reader

ROSS Intelligence
February 3, 2020

We’ve released a new Decision Reader designed to present more information about decisions in a more intuitive and useful format. You’ll find that your favorite ROSS features are easier to use. You’ll also find new features that will make your legal research even more efficient.  

You can now select the Relevant Passages icon to see all the passages in a decision that are responsive to your query. The passages will be arranged to the left of the decision you’re reviewing. Lawyers tell us that displaying the relevant passages alongside the decision allows them to quickly browse the decision to evaluate relevance and get an initial sense of the legal discussion. 

You can also select the Cited in this Case icon to collect citations for all the decisions that are cited in the decision you’re viewing. The cited cases will appear as a list at the left margin of your ROSS workspace. Lawyers using ROSS tell us that the Cited in this Case function is useful when looking for additional persuasive authority or confirming that their research is complete. In addition, the Decision Reader displays the number of cases cited in the case you’re viewing and the number of cases that cite the case you’re reviewing. If a decision has been negatively treated, the negative treatment will also be displayed at the top of the decision. 

Select the Case Overview icon to generate summaries of the relevant points of law. The Case Overview feature is already familiar to ROSS users and a new function has been added to make it even more useful. You can now edit your query within Case Overview to bring the summary into sharper focus. This dynamic capability will make a popular feature even more powerful. 

The new Decision Reader also makes cases easier to read. You can select a preferred font, enlarge or reduce font sizes and adjust line spacing within a decision. 

We think the new Decision Reader will make ROSS more useful and efficient than ever. Try it today and let us know how it improves your research workflow.

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