How To Use Unlimited Case Search on EVA

Thomas Maremaa
February 16, 2018

We would like to show how to use one of the features built into EVA, our free brief analyzer and case search platform.


What you see here is the home screen once you’ve logged into EVA. At the top there’s brief analysis and then there’s case search. For brief analysis, you can drag and drop or upload briefs directly from your computer and gain a whole bunch of interesting and helpful information within seconds. But now let’s say you want to find a case directly and you don’t want to go through the brief analyzer functionality. You can immediately just go to the case search button above, click on it, and let’s say you wanna find Roe v. Wade. Just type it in like so, and what EVA will do is it will search our entire database of federal, state, and administrative or board decision law and produce you results like so. Let’s say you want to dig deeper into any of these cases. Just click on it, it opens it up, provides you the case as well as the case treatment. Now, let’s say you know what the citation of the case is and you want to search that way. You can do so as well, just type it in above like so and again, EVA will search our entire database of case law and administrative board decision law to produce your results like so and that’s it.

Thomas Maremaa

Growth Marketer at ROSS Intelligence