How To Use Case Treatment on EVA

Thomas Maremaa
February 16, 2018

We would like to show how to use one of the features built into EVA, our free brief analyzer and case search platform.


In this short video, I’d like to highlight one of the cool features built into EVA, our free brief analyzer platform. Let’s say you have a brief, or you have the opposing counsel’s brief, and you want to see whether any of the cases cited in that brief have received subsequent negative treatment. What you could do is you can upload your brief, either by dragging and dropping it here into this box, or by choosing the file directory from your computer. Just make sure that it’s a doc file or non-scanned pdf. So I’m going to choose a file from my computer. Now, the first prompt you’ll get is just a quick legal question. This is a question we ask just to make sure that whoever is using EVA is a real human. So I just answer the question, either great, good, topical or irrelevant. The brief will be uploaded, like so. I want you to see here highlighted are our nine cases that have received some negative treatment that have been cited in this brief. Now if I want to know more about this case, for example, I click on it, and then EVA will upload it, and you’ll see here that this case has been reversed. And that’s it.

Thomas Maremaa

Growth Marketer at ROSS Intelligence