How To Use Hyperlinks on EVA

Thomas Maremaa
February 16, 2018

We would like to show how to use one of the features built into EVA, our free brief analyzer and case search platform.


In this quick little video, I just want to highlight one of the features that’s been built into EVA, our new free brief analyzer product. The feature I want to highlight in this video is our hyperlinking feature. Let’s say you’ve uploaded a brief like I’ve already done so here. You’ll see at the top it has highlighted some cases that have received negative treatment that you may want to take a deeper look at. Then also below it has processed your brief. One of the things that happens during the processing is all the cases that you have referenced in your brief are hyperlinked like so. If you want to take another look at one of these cases, let’s say you wanna read it again, or you want to double check a few things, you could quickly do so simply by clicking the hyperlink button, and it’ll jump directly to that case so you can take another read of it. That’s it.

Thomas Maremaa

Growth Marketer at ROSS Intelligence