Top Four Benefits of Investing in Facebook Marketing as a Lawyer

Thomas Maremaa
May 7, 2018

Facebook marketing can be a gold mine when it comes to lead generation, no matter the size of your business. But there are still legal professionals that haven’t given digital marketing enough of a chance.

Even if you are using social media platforms for personal use, you might not realize that there are tremendous benefits in using them to drive new business to your legal practice.

Facebook users have already surpassed the 2 billion mark worldwide. They spend an average of one hour per day browsing through various types of content, including profiles, news, comments, photos, videos and sponsored content (ads).

There are many benefits to using Facebook for marketing as a channel to advertise yourself as a lawyer or law firm. Here are four reasons why investing in Facebook marketing is a good decision for a lawyer.

  • Improve your personal brand: Since most companies and prominent people have Facebook profiles, not being on the platform is a negative feature to clients. Setting up an elegant and professional Facebook profile page that features you as a top-rated lawyer will portray you as an expert who is up-to-date with technology. If you are not part of an organized practice, you need to build your personal brand, and a Facebook profile is the perfect place to start doing that.
  • Build a closer relationship with your clients: Facebook allows you to build better relationships with clients over time because they see your name frequently featured on their timelines or news feeds. You can post interesting articles that appeal to potential and existing clients, or you can point out the key benefits of your services. Make sure you engage with people every time they post a comment or even if they share one of your posts. These are the “little things” that set you apart from competitors.
  • Educate your clients: Another way to take advantage of Facebook for marketing is to post videos that educate your clients about topics of interest. For example, you can provide analysis of new regulations, explain the most common procedures people should follow in different situations or even explain technical terms that people find difficult to understand. Your clients get to engage with rich and useful information, while creating an image of professionalism that will boost your reputation as an expert with sought-after skills.
  • Attract new clients: Potential clients can subscribe to your Facebook page if they come across your posts and find them interesting. You can also boost your most successful posts by using Facebook ads. Start by setting a small daily budget. Later, you can increase the budget or stop the ad depending on performance.

Whether you are an independent lawyer or looking to start a law firm, Facebook marketing is a tool you should consider to attract new clients and boost your reputation.

Thomas Maremaa

Growth Marketer at ROSS Intelligence