Find Similar Language to Bolster Your Case on ROSS

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April 30, 2019
Legal Research

The ROSS Find Similar Language feature allows you to select language from a case and find other cases discussing the same or similar concepts. Users tell us they love this feature because it helps them quickly find the complete universe of cases that discuss a specific fact pattern or point of law.  

When you use ROSS Natural Language Search and find a relevant decision you can find additional decisions discussing the same concept using the Find Similar Language feature.
When you highlight selected language from a decision, a Find Similar Language prompt will appear automatically:

When you click the Find Similar Language prompt, ROSS will conduct a search for decisions that include language discussing the same concepts in the same context.

If you set filters during your initial search, those filters will persist in the Find Similar Language search. For example, if you set the filters for New York and related federal cases, those filters will apply and return only cases from that jurisdiction. If you click the Filter: Applied button you can change the filters and re-run your search within the Find Similar Language feature. Note that you can sort the responsive cases by recency or relevance:

Since ROSS is using natural language processing, not a keyword search, the concept does not have to be expressed in identical terms to be a “similar language” match. For example, this highly relevant passage discussing consumer surveys in the context of implied falsity was returned by ROSS even though it does not use the term “implied falsity” :

That’s one of the ways ROSS helps you quickly find cases you might miss on other platforms that rely on identical keyword matching.

Find Similar Language is among the popular ROSS features. Try it and let us know how it fits into your work and how it can be improved.

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