A Message From ROSS

ROSS Intelligence
March 18, 2020

Dear friends, lawyers, and the broader ROSS community, 

It is a difficult time for us all — but we must adapt to the reality that COVID-19 has presented us. The ROSS team has transitioned to remote work to ensure that our users are able to conduct their legal research without interruption. It is imperative that lawyers, pro se litigants, and law students can continue to conduct legal research and keep moving forward.

ROSS encourages you to follow the guidelines of your local and federal public health organizations. We all need to ingrain into our daily lives the practice of social distancing in our combined effort to flatten the curve of this outbreak.

Resources For Law Practices During a Pandemic Lockdown

Clio recently published a comprehensive guide on working remotely as a lawyer. It includes valuable frameworks around communication, case management, remote client experiences, security, and mental health. 

ROSS is also going to be working on a guide to technological competence — an obligation that is gaining more and more traction in jurisdictions across the United States and which seems urgent now more than ever. We’d like to hear from you. How are you transitioning to the current landscape? How has your ability to use new technology helped, or hindered you? Please let us know at help@rossintelligence.com as we develop content that is helpful and actionable.  

We’re in the business of helping lawyers move their practice forward, and COVID-19 has not changed that. You have our support, and together we will all come out of this. 

ROSS Intelligence

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